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Located in Woodbridge, VA, we focus to provide fun yet professional event planning services to only the best of Brides & Grooms! We've worked all over VA, DC, MD, PA and are always up for travelings to new and fun locations to provide our clients with the most perfect location for their wedding or event. 


Your wedding should be a fun and enjoyable process and it is our goal to make it that way. Not everyone is born with organizational & design skills. You also don't plan weddings every weekend, so leave it to our expertise to help you through the process!

– Organization

You shouldn't be scrambling to find that contract you signed 8 months ago and figure out when and how much your next payment is. We keep everything organized & you have your own profile to check into with all of your wedding details, payment dates, vendor contracts and contact information, style guides, budget info, guest/RSVP tracking, and so much more. 

– Personality

You shouldn't ever feel nervous or anxious about something pertaining to your wedding. Allison is easy going and makes it comfortable for you to talk to her about anything that's bothering you. There's no problem to big for her to handle. 

– Vision

Whether it's a tropical destination wedding or a black tie evening full of elegance; your vision will be streamlined, thoughtfully curated into an event that best fits you and your significant other. No two weddings should be the same, we want your guests to walk in and say 'wow, this is SO them'

– thoroughness

We are constantly telling our clients we are only as good as the information you provide us with. If you leave important details or wants out, how will we ever be able to make them come to life!? We have curated tools to help you communicate in the best way possible for you. 


And so...the adventure begins...



Allison Barnes Events (ABE) became a real thing in 2011, still pretty crazy to think about the fact that I've been doing this since then. Time certainly does fly, right? 

I wasn't always sure about what I wanted to do in life. I have two very hard working parents who worked their tails off to provide a beautiful life for me and my sisters. Their work ethic trickled down & I had never been more sure (or unsure) of my self than when I quit my well paying job with incredible benefits that allowed me to travel all over the country a couple times each month. 

I had the best of benefits, a great steady paycheck, and friends often reminded me that I had what appeared to be a 'dream job', but something was missing & something inside of me pushed me to figure that out. 

There was a lot of uncertainty when I started ABE, like, how would I pay my rent & why would people I don't know put their trust in me to plan their wedding over someone else who has years of experience? BUT - I took a chance on myself, we should all believe in ourselves and take chances. It's because of that chance that you're here reading this today :) 

In 2014 I met the love of my life & we married in 2016 at a gorgeous winery in between the hills of the mountains in Virginia. We currently reside in Woodbridge, VA where we have a beautiful home. 

My story is still being written but I'm so honored and blessed to be where I am today & to have been recognized by The Knot over the past 5 years and included in their 'Hall of Fame', we've won awards and been published (to include a 4 page spread in Southern Living Magazine - whaaaat?! Crazy, right?) but our number one goal is to maintain our relationships with our clients, making it a great and seamless experience! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of that & I truly hope we do get the opportunity to work together!




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