Allison Barnes Events (ABE) became a real thing in 2011, still pretty crazy to think about the fact that I've been doing this since then. Time certainly does fly, right? 

I wasn't always sure about what I wanted to do in life. I have two very hard working parents who worked their tails off to provide a beautiful life for me and my sisters. Their work ethic trickled down & I had never been more sure (or unsure) of my self than when I quit my well paying job with incredible benefits that allowed me to travel all over the country a couple times each month. 

I had the best of benefits, a great steady paycheck, and friends often reminded me that I had what appeared to be a 'dream job', but something was missing & something inside of me pushed me to figure that out. 

There was a lot of uncertainty when I started ABE, like, how would I pay my rent & why would people I don't know put their trust in me to plan their wedding over someone else who has years of experience? BUT - I took a chance on myself, we should all believe in ourselves and take chances. It's because of that chance that you're here reading this today :) 

In 2014 I met the love of my life & we married in 2016 at a gorgeous winery in between the hills of the mountains in Virginia. We currently reside in Woodbridge, VA where we have a beautiful home. 

My story is still being written but I'm so honored and blessed to be where I am today & to have been recognized by The Knot over the past 5 years and included in their 'Hall of Fame', we've won awards and been published (to include a 4 page spread in Southern Living Magazine - whaaaat?! Crazy, right?) but our number one goal is to maintain our relationships with our clients, making it a great and seamless experience! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of that & I truly hope we do get the opportunity to work together!




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